Embossall was created to help press operators make counter dies / make ready, easier. The original concept was envisioned by a veteran owner/operator in California, Rick Arce of Ace Embossing. He felt that there must be an easier way. Especially when hand mixing powder and liquid came with no accurate measures. But, instead required hand and eye measuring, precise timing or else oop! Start over. Not to mention wasted time, materials, and the volatile fumes.

         So the idea was to start with a material already in a putty stage would be ideal. OK, now we know of putties but how do we get it to harden and fast? That is when Rick realized he would have to partner with a lab. The lab agreed and thought it was a workable idea. But it seemed every time the putty would get better and work, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) would change regulations and we would have to start all over again. So then Rick contracted with a different lab. The new lab was a prefect match, with an extensive knowledge of non-hazardous materials. Although it took a few years and revisions along the way we now have a product that works great. Embossall has been used on live jobs for over 10 years in Rick's shop and is now available for everyone to use. Embossall is a two part putty. We have a dispenser that mixes the two perfectly with out having to measure anything. There are no toxic fumes and it is easy to clean up.

Watch the video below to see it work.


1- 50 mil cartridge
12- mixing tips $11.40
1- dispensing gun $58.00
1- 10 mil A-link Bottle $17.50
1- Hand Plunger $1.50
Full start-up kit* $155.80

*Start up kit includes 2 cartridges, 12 mixing tips, 1 bottle of A-link, 1 dispensing gun, 1 hand plunger.
Shipping & handling costs not included



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